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Senior Projects

2021-2022 Senior Project
Obstacle Mapping Robotic Navigator and Materials Handler

2020-2021 Senior Project
Teleoperation of Robot Via Exoskeleton

2019-2020 Senior Project
Robotic Telepresence Via Motion Sensing Technology

Robot Emotions

2018-2019 Senior Project
Game Piece Recognition using Baxter Robot

2017-2018 Senior Project
Visual & Aural Telepresence Via NAO Robot

2016-2017 Senior Project
Motion-based Humanoid Robot Controller

2015-2016 Senior Project
NAO Operated Autonomously Navigating Mechanical Vehicle

Research Projects

  1. Stability Analysis of NAO Humanoid Robot using a Fuzzy Petri net Model
  2. Towards a Computer Vision Based Approach for Developing Algorithms for Soccer Playing Robots
  3. Implementing Timed Petri net for Modeling and Simulation in Card Gameplay
  4. Soccer Playing Robot Goal Scoring Algorithm Using Fuzzy Petri nets
  5. Improved Logical Passing Strategy and Gameplay Algorithm for Humanoid Soccer Robots Using Colored Petri Nets
  6. Soccer Ball Recognition and Distance Prediction Using Fuzzy Petri Nets
  7. Prioritized Situation Awareness for Soccer Robots Using Timed Transition Petri Nets
  8. A Self-Navigating Robot using Fuzzy Petri nets
  9. Using Timed Petri nets to Regulate Optimal Game Strategy
  10. Colored Petri net Representation of Logical and Decisive Passing Algorithm for Humanoid Soccer Robots
  11. Towards a Versatile Opportunity Awareness Algorithms for Humanoid Soccer Robots using Time Petri nets
  12. Analysis of Soccer Robot Behaviors using Time Petri nets
  13. Development of Efficient Obstacle Avoidance for a Mobile Robot using Fuzzy Petri nets
  14. Ball Control and Position Planning Algorithms for Soccer Robots using Fuzzy Petri nets
  15. Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Autonomous Robot Navigation Algorithms using Fuzzy Petri Nets
  16. Fuzzy Petri Net Modeling and Simulation: Toward Enhanced Direct Reasoning Algorithms


Supervising Robots with Brain and Muscle Signals

Supervising Robots with Brain and Muscle Signals

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